WINTER WARMERS – Tuscan Chicken Vegetable Soup

As the weather is getting cooler, whipping up a big pot of healthy soup packed with vegetables on a Sunday and having it in the fridge for the week will ensure you always have a good meal at hand. This is one of Mike’s favourite soups and is so easy to make anyone can do it. I have sourced the recipe from a few different soups and have formulated a great one packed with nutritious ingredients and very low in salt. Herbs are a great way to add flavour without extra calories and will decrease or eliminate the need for salt.yummy chicken soup


600gm chicken thigh fillets cubed

1 x onion

1 x fennel bulb

1 tbsp. olive oil

2 carrots peeled and cubed

1 x 800gm tin chopped tomatoes

2 sweet potatoes peeled and cubed

1 x can cannelini beans rinsed

1 x can red kidney beans rinsed

whole bunch fresh kale finely chopped

whole bunch fresh thyme (can be substituted for dried, use about 2 tbsp.)


Prep all your ingredients before turning on the stove and line up to add to the pot.

Finely chop the onion and fennel bulb and sweat in a large pot with the olive oil. Once the onion is translucent add the chicken fillets and brown with the onion and fennel.

Add the thyme and mix in with the chicken. Once brown add the carrot and the sweet potato to the pot and mix in.

Add the chopped tomatoes and then fill the can with water to the top and add the water to the pot. Add the beans to the pot and mix.

Cover the pot and once it reaches the boil, lower heat and let simmer until all the vegetables are soft (approximately 1 hour).

Add the chopped kale and turn off the heat. Remove any thyme branches you see in the pot.

Ladle into large bowls and enjoy. Serves about 6.

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