Training Tips – The benefits of wearing weighted jackets during your workout


We all want to achieve our training goals in the shortest time possible and one great trick I learned many years ago is the benefits of wearing weighted jackets during exercise.


By increasing the weight your body has to support throughout the 60 minute training session you are in turn increasing the calorie expenditure  by approximately 20% which can equate to 100-200 calories per workout (depending on how hard you are training that day). This is free calories people! Every time you lift, push or move your body during that workout you are in turn burning more fat for no extra time. Living in such a time poor society as we do anything we can do to increase the calorie expenditure of any workout we should take. By adding the jacket you could easily burn off an extra kilogram in a couple of weeks with out adjusting your training regime at all.

Take your training to the next level with a weighted jacket

Take your training to the next level with a weighted jacket


There are many varieties of weighted jackets on the market. During my training sessions we use 5kg jackets which doesn’t feel like much initially but really will bring your training to a new dimension. My wife used a 10kg jacket whilst power walking when she was trying to lose weight after having our first child. You don’t have to start with that much, find yourself a nice adjustable one where you can remove weights to start and add them back as you get fitter. Start with a few kilograms extra and go from there. The sky is the limit really.

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