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RAW Chia Porridge

In my last post I mentioned my raw chia porridge breakfast meal with the nut creme. I had such a response from people wanting the recipe here it is for you! It is so easy to make, literally seconds, ready to go. Just a little prep the night before and the next morning you are [...]

RAW Nut Creme

Through a facebook post last week in a conversation with my brother in law James I was passed on the most magnificent recipe for nut creme you will ever find!! This creme is dairy free, raw and completely delicious. You can use it in place of yoghurt in smoothies for a protein boost or top [...]

Sweet Cinnamon Popcorn

I was racking my brain the other day trying to think of a tasty, relatively healthy snack for the whole family. On the weekend when you are looking for something a little naughty but aren’t keen to completely break the calorie bank why not try this! I saw a post on caramel popcorn the other [...]