STRESS – Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Beat Stress with regular exerciseMany of us struggle with the stresses of everyday life, whether it is coping with running a business or looking after your kids and family. The amount we squeeze into our busy lifestyles these days it is much more than it used to be. Having strategies to cope with this stress is paramount in making sure it doesn’t affect your health and wellbeing and the health of your family.

Having a good level of overall health and fitness has always been important but with the high levels of stress in our lives now it is crucial. You know yourself when you are unfit your energy levels decrease and your ability to cope with things also decreases. Lack of energy will start to decrease your ability to do the things you want thus creating a vicious cycle. Lack of exercise itself has been long recognised as a factor in depression and anxiety. Physically active people quite simply suffer less from these types of problems and exercise is also often used as a tool to decrease the symptoms of depression and anxiety in those who suffer this debilitating illness. By implementing a little activity into our lives each day, even if it’s just walking the dog each day, it will push the balance far more into the positive. With much of our lives revolving around computers and social media being such a big part of that, the amount we sit is far greater than it used to be. Many of my clients have commented that on some days they can sit for up to 14 hours in one day! Imagine what that is doing to our bodies if we don’t initiate a little activity into our day.

What are you doing to stay active?

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