My Five Favourite Things to do with the Ladyship

The Five Best Things you can do with your Ladyship Juicer

At long last I have come into contact with a piece of equipment so good I am proud to stand (or sit) here and endorse it fully. The Ladyship Organic Essence Extractor arrived on my doorstep not more than two days after ordering it. So smartly wrapped and looking gorgeous. I was dying to take it out and have a go. I had heard so many great things about the Ladyship, not only does it blend smoothies to perfection it also makes juice as good as a traditional juicer without the messy cleanup!! Why hadn’t anyone else thought of this before? Magic!!!!Ladyship 658

I tried it out the next morning whipping up the magnificent Lemon Zinger as described in the booklet. What an amazing way to start the day! This frothy lemony concoction was so delicious, I believe I could and would drink it all day   

1.  Lemon Zinger

½ whole lemon per person

200mls cold filtered water.

1-15 drops liquid Stevia

Chop lemon into wedges (it breaks down easier if it’s cut up) and put the number 1 filter in the ladyship. Blend for about 30 seconds then open the tap and let the stream of lemon fill the cup. Add stevia to taste.

Add stevia to taste.

2.  Dips

This machine mixes dips perfectly. Place all your desired ingredients in the jar and pulse for a chunky dip or blend for a smooth one. It’s as easy as that. My favourite is my babaghanoush

  • BabaghanoushYummy babaghanoush

I x eggplant

1 x cup canned chickpeas rinsed and drained

1 x clove fresh garlic

Juice of ½ lemon

2 x tbsp.. Tahini (found in the health food section of any supermarket)

1 x tbsp. good quality olive oil

Handful fresh mint leaves (I love heaps!)

Sea salt to taste (I use a good pinch)

Place eggplant whole in a preheated oven (180 degrees) and bake until the eggplant is soft to touch (about an hour). Put on a bench and let cool. Peel skin off eggplant while it is still a bit warm and put in the ladyship. Add to this all other ingredients except salt and pulse until it becomes a smooth paste. Blend continuously until the consistency is as you like.    

3. Smoothies

Most blenders will make smoothies with most ingredients. The problem that you find with some blenders is remnants of kale leaves or spinach around the edge of the machine. Chomping on a kale leaf while enjoying your morning smoothie is definitely not a nice experience. I have never had that problem with the ladyship. Automatic setting is the preferred option for smoothies which sets the machine to a 1 minute timer. Ice is crushed and all the food is blended to a smooth consistency. Here is Jack’s morning favourite smoothie.

  • Choco banana monster green smoothieJack's green mean monster smnoothie

1 x frozen banana (peel your banana and chop it in half, place this in a snaplock bag in the freezer ready for the morning)

1 x fresh date (stone removed)

Big handful baby spinach leaves

1 x leaf kale

1 tbsp. raw cacao powder

Cup almond milk

1 tbsp. avocado

½ serve vanilla pea protein powder or 1 raw egg

Cup ice cubes

Place all in the ladyship and press auto setting. Pour into a cup and enjoy!

  • My tropical sunshine smoothieWhats wrong with drinking out of a nice glass?

This is a great weekend smoothie when the calorie count isn’t so strict.

¼ cup frozen pineapple

Water and flesh of one young fresh coconut

½ frozen banana

Cup ice cubes

1 serve vanilla pea protein if desired

Place all ingredients in jug and press auto setting. Pour and enjoy.

4.     Juices

This machine makes the best juices without the messy clean up. All you do is remove the filter and rinse the filter, the jug and the lid quickly and it’s done! My other juicer has five parts that need to be separated and washed including the messy filter but this machine has none of that. So much better in the morning when you are in a hurry. Plus the machine actually extracts the goodness from the fruit or vegetables making it much healthier. When juicing the sky is the limit. You can combine any of your favourite fruits and vegetables to boost your nutrient absorption in the morning. Anything and everything can be juiced. By adding the filtered water you can extract the goodness from almost anything.

  • Jack’s Pink Juice

¼ beetroot cubed

½  x small orange peeled

1 x small apple cut up

½ carrot cut into segments

Small knob ginger

200 mls cold water

Put the number 1 filter in the jug. Place all ingredients into the ladyship and blend for 30 secs to make sure all the ingredients are broken down before opening the tap and pouring out.  

5.    Almond Milk and Almond butter

Almond butter in the shop is ridiculously expensive. Why buy it when you can make it just as nice and half the price!

Place 1 x cup of raw almonds in a jug with 1 litre of filtered water. Let this mixture stand overnight (this softens the almonds and makes them blend better). Place both the nuts and water in the ladyship and blend for 2-3 minutes. The mixture should become milky and opaque. Take out and strain through muslin cloth to extract the almond pulp and milk. Squeeze the cloth at the end to extract all the milk. This almond pulp is perfect for use in the choc chip cookie recipe also on the website and the almond milk is also ready for use.

To make almond butter place a cup of raw almonds in the ladyship jug and pulse until required consistency is achieved (if you prefer chunky or smooth butter). I like to add a little organic sweet almond oil to my butter to make it a little smoother and easier to spread



N.B. Adults Only!

This machine makes awesome cocktails too! I discovered at our Bia Brazil drinks night lemon zinger is the perfect base for a Margarita ! Just add the desired alcohol (I used triple sec and tequila) ice and some raw egg white to increase fluffiness (hey it’s protein!) and blend to perfection!! It’s almost a cross between a fluffy duck and a Margarita with much less calories.

Thinking about it, wouldn’t the tropical smoothie make a great pinacolada?…….

How do I get one?

Just click on the link to head over to Ladyship. Its such an amazing piece of kitchen equipment, I can’t imagine life without it now.



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