Morning BLAST green smoothie!

Want to start the day with a BANG! Why not try this delicious breakfast smoothie with a hidden kickstart from green coffee. It contains all the great smoothie goodness like raw spinach, banana, chia and protein but a couple of extra ingredients to add some life to your morning. Give your morning a BLAST with this delicious smoothie!peanut butter smoothie


1 small banana (frozen makes it extra delicious but not essential)

1 cup almond milk (home made in the ladyship or bought for convenience)

1 tbsp. almond butter (made in the ladyship I think it tastes better than bought)

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (chocolate also works well)

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp green instant coffee (made up with 1 tbsp boiling water)

cup baby spinach leaves

cucumber chopped into 1cm slices

1 tbsp. chia seeds

cup of ice

Blend all ingredients in your ladyship to make a delicious creamy coffee flavoured smoothie.

Serves 2 BIG serves. (one for today and the rest for tomorrow saving you time in the morning)

There’s a good reason why you will find caffeine in most commercial fat burning supplements. Caffeine, partly due to its stimulant effect on the central nervous system, both raises metabolism and increases the oxidation of fatty acids. Caffeine can also improve athletic performance by several mechanisms, including by mobilising fatty acids from the fat tissues. Caffeine was found to increase exercise performance by 11-12% on average.

In observational studies, coffee has been repeatedly associated with a lower risk of diabetes. The reduction in risk ranges from 23% all the way up to 67%. A massive review article looked at 18 studies with a total of 457,922 participants. Each additional cup of coffee per day lowered the risk of diabetes by 7%. The more coffee people drank, the lower their risk.

Not only can coffee make you smarter in the short term, it may also protect your brain in old age. Coffee is associated with a much lower risk of dementia and the neurodegenerative disorders Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The liver is a remarkable organ that carries out hundreds of vital functions in the body. It is very vulnerable to modern insults such as excess consumption of alcohol and fructose. Coffee appears to be protective against certain liver disorders, lowering the risk of liver cancer by 40% and cirrhosis by as much as 80%.

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