Fresh home made coconut yoghurt

Recently we have decided to give up dairy in our household. For our own reasons we have made the move away from the dairy cabinet and more towards fresh healthy food with minimal additives and processing. Our diet consists mainly of fresh vegetables, some fruit and protein in the form of meat and legumes. Don’t worry about getting enough calcium, many fresh foods contain high amounts of calcium such as seaweed or nori (yum sushi!), sesame seeds and leafy green vegetables. Making this switch has meant the morning ritual of yoghurt for breakfast with berries and nuts has been slightly adjusted to coconut yoghurt not dairy. To buy coconut yoghurt  form the shop is so expensive but making it is much cheaper. Here is my recipe for fresh coconut yoghurt which I think I have perfected.

Firstly you will need to invest in a yoghurt maker. $21 from the supermarket is all it costs and it’s small enough to store in the cupboard without taking up too much space when you are not using it.

IngredientsAll the ingredients together

1L coconut cream. I use a special coconut cream called Kara brand only found in Woolworths or some specialty asian grocery stores. It is a UHT type cream that is 99.9% coconut with only a minuscule amount of additives to stop it going off (essential really). The preservers are natural too so it is a pretty good option to choose also for cooking curries or stir fries. Only downside is its not organic. I tried using fresh coconut and it really didn’t work, somehow it tasted like off coconuts. If you can’t get hold of this brand use an organic coconut cream such as Macro.

1 x sachet probiotics (you can get these from a health food shop, they are not expensive)

2 x probiotic capsules (adds even more probiotics to the mix)

Boil a full kettle with boiling water. Add the carton of coconut to the inner container of the yoghurt maker. Add the probiotics and capsules, screw on the lid and shake vigorously. Fill the outer jar with boiling water and place the inner container inside the boiling water filled jar. Sit on the bench for at least 12 hours to activate. Place inner container in the fridge to cool. Once cold, add to your favourite meal and enjoy.

Do you make coconut yoghurt? Do you do it differently? Let me know if anyone has any more tricks to make this better, or if you try it out let me know how you go.

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