Five Star Training Exercises – Fitball Reverse Crunch

I thought I’d start this section with one of my favourite exercises, the fitball reverse crunch. One of many names for this exercise, the fitball reverse crunch is one of the best exercises you can do on the fitball. I picked this one as it is an integral part of every workout at Five Star plus it is easy and effective to do at home and only requires a small and cheap piece of equipment. Apart from working the abdominals this exercise has a very important role in my workouts, this exercise starts to work the right and the left sides independently which will start to even out any imbalances you might have between the sides, as imbalances can potentially cause pain and injury to many parts of the body.


  • Start on the floor with your arms on the fitball in front. Slowly stretch out and walk your hands forward so that the fitball is underneath your hips and thighs and your hands are in a semi push up position.
  • Keep your arms straight with your shoulders away from your ears, lengthen out your neck and look down towards the floor.
  • Slowly draw your knees in towards your stomach in a reverse crunch type of movement, breathing out as you draw in your legs.
  • Breath in and return your legs to the start position.
  • Keep a strong military spine for this exercise, making sure your abdominals are drawn in and your back is straight.
  • Repeat this movement approximately 10-15 times slowly for each set.
  • Work your way up to three sets.


  • Don’t worry if it’s a little uncoordinated at first, this will improve the more you perform this exercise.
  • Try it in front of the mirror, watching your position so you stay even and strong through the upper body, and your hips don’t sag (common problem for beginners)
  • Start with a small movement, say the ball moves from thigh to just below the knee, then make it larger by moving the ball further away from the body  down your legs.


I have included a video for those who are unfamiliar with this exercise so you will have an idea what to do.

Any questions please feel free to post in the comments section.

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