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Nazafit “Get fit from within” seminar at Five Star Fitness!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming seminar “Get fit from within” with world champion bodybuilder and nutrition expert Michelle Nazaroff (you can read more about her and her programs here and here). Michelle will provide you with all the skills you need for PERMANENT fat loss and weight management. Her programs are second to [...]

SPROUTING SEEDS- the why and how of it

Why sprout or soak? Many people find it difficult to digest grains and seeds, especially when made into bread, cakes, or dishes containing these items. Some of the common side effects include flatulence, indigestion, bloating and heaviness. This is how sprouting seeds can help you. Without getting into too much boring detail grains and seeds [...]


Coconut seems the flavour of the month at the moment. There seems to be coconut everything around. Not only do coconuts smell delicious, taste delicious but extra virgin coconut oil is also found to have some amazing properties like being anti fungal and anti bacterial. It was always though coconut oil was bad as it [...]

Shapewear for the gym!!

Five Star are excited to announce the addition to our team of Bia Brazil Activewear! Bia Brazil have been one of the world’s leading brands in reliable and fashionable gym wear for many years and have now have joined forces with Five Star to make available at very special prices all of their fabulous gym [...]

Healthy Recipe – Cranberry Salmon

Cranberry Salmon We all need to eat more fish especially oily fish like salmon and tuna. Here is my favourite recipe for salmon which makes a lovely soup style meal which is super high in vitamins including vitamin C and folate. This recipe is an adaptation of a recipe I discovered many years ago from FeedInc. Dietitian Lisa Simpson. [...]