But I’m seeing my trainer, why do I need to do cardio first

I feel like I spend so many hours of my life saying the same thing sometimes. “But I am here to do my session with you, why do I need to do cardio aswell?”Have you done your cardio today?

There are so many reasons why it is important to do cardio before your training session or a session of weights in the gym. I see so many clients fail to do this and then complain that they are not getting the results thery wanted. “But why?”.

The human body is like a machine, a well oiled machine if it is fed the right nutrients. This machine, like a car in the winter, can sometimes take a while to warm up especially if it is required to run in the morning. Spending the time prior to your training session doing at east 10 minutes of cardio will help to warm up the engine so it will run smoothly and more efficiently. Not only the muscles will be warm but so will your joints and this itself will help to prevent injury during your training session. Doing cardio before a workout will also help your body to commence fat burning and will easily help you to burn more calories during a workout of the same intensity.

I have many clients turn up religiously before their training, jump on their cardio machine and pump out a great session before we even begin. You don’t need to spend an hour on there, 10-15 minutes will suffice to get things moving in the right direction. But the key is consistency. You need to keep this up long term if you want to see the results long term. I often tell my clients “consistency will always beat natural talent, as the consistent exerciser will always win over someone who trains at random.” This statement is very true. I have a client who has recently completed the monkey bar circuit in my gym, a circuit that only a few people have been able to finish. This client when he started was very weak and no history ofproper training. He managed to do this exercise quicker than many other clients who attempted this because he consistently turns up early and puts in the effort in all aspects of his training. He is currently attempting to complete the peg board circuit which only about 2% of people could ever manage to finish and do you know what? I think he will do it before the others. I know this because he is consistent.

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