As mentioned in a previous post the shift in fitness lately has been towards lifting large, heavy weights for 6-8 repetitions with rest in between each set. This type of training in nature will cause damage to the muscle fibres and promote growth or size of the muscle (if the body is providing the right [...]

STRESS – Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Many of us struggle with the stresses of everyday life, whether it is coping with running a business or looking after your kids and family. The amount we squeeze into our busy lifestyles these days it is much more than it used to be. Having strategies to cope with this stress is paramount in making [...]

WEIGHT TRAINING – Fad or is it here to stay?

One of the big pushes in the fitness industry these days is the minimal repetition maximal heavy lifting with rests between each set. Many training organisations are focusing all their energies on this type of weight training and getting some good results with it. Good results initially but there can be a cost to this [...]

Anaerobic Training – Why it maybe right for You!

  There has been a lot or research into the benefits of different types of training recently, particularly cardiovascular training. The benefits of doing cardiovascular exercise are huge and some of these include improved health of your heart, your respiratory system, and your circulation or blood vessels of your whole body. Cardiovascular training is generally [...]