Nazafit “Get fit from within” seminar at Five Star Fitness!

We are pleased to announce the upcoming seminar “Get fit from within” with world champion bodybuilder and nutrition expert Michelle Nazaroff (you can read more about her and her programs here and here). Michelle will provide you with all the skills you need for PERMANENT fat loss and weight management. Her programs are second to [...]

BRIGHTEN UP YOUR MORNING with the green smoothie challenge

How about a quick and easy challenge that will kick start you towards healthy eating every morning. Why not consider starting our Five Star green smoothie challenge and brighten up your morning! Our household has been on the green smoothies for quite a few months now and I know personally I feel the difference. Bumping [...]

Training Videos

Take a look at our practical and effective series of fitness videos for all types of workouts. They’re fun and innovative. Check back here often. We’ll be publishing fresh videos frequently.


Five Star Fitness are pleased to announce that Nazafit’s 12 week body transformation programs are now available through us! Michelle Nazaroff is a woman of substance. An amazing story, she has lived the transformation herself. She has been challenged throughout her life so far but with incredible determination and a refusal to take no for an [...]

IN THE MEDIA Fitness inspiration for busy parents

This month Mike was interviewed by journalist Tanya Ryan-Segger on his thoughts and tips for busy parents to help keep fit and healthy.  How do busy parents avoid exercise pitfalls and maintain an active lifestyle? Tanya Ryan-Segger asked personal trainer Mike McAndrew for his tips on how mums and dads can get active and keep fit while still [...]

Morning BLAST green smoothie!

Want to start the day with a BANG! Why not try this delicious breakfast smoothie with a hidden kickstart from green coffee. It contains all the great smoothie goodness like raw spinach, banana, chia and protein but a couple of extra ingredients to add some life to your morning. Give your morning a BLAST with [...]

The BEST Peanut less RAW Satay Sauce recipe

Having a child allergic to peanuts in our house can be a challenge at times. Always looking for healthy options the kids will eat and keep them full is always hard especially when your 5 year old eats as much as a rugby front row forward. I was looking around for a good, healthy and [...]

The world’s easiest healthy white chocolate recipe

I have been long searching for an easy, healthy recipe to satisfy the sweet craving we get sometimes after dinner. After searching around the internet I have created the best healthy white chocolate recipe you will ever taste minus the bad fats and sugars. It really is the easiest, tastiest and healthiest white chocolate recipe [...]

The best kitchen idea I’ve heard in ages!!!!

The two things people seem to complain about lately are money and time. Both seem so scant these days for most people when I heard this idea I was gobsmacked at how simple it was I couldn’t believe it took that long for someone to think of it! This is literally the best kitchen idea [...]


Craving something sweet? Don’t want to loose the momentum of healthy eating? Want a chocolate fix? This healthy orange chocolate mousse is perfect! Light, tasty and satisfying with all natural healthy ingredients. This dessert will not dissapoint. Raw cacao is rich in flavonoids which are potent antioxidants, they help relax blood pressure through the production [...]