BALANCE – Have you got it right?

That is the age old question. Balance. How to bring home enough money to survive, spend time with the people you care about, eat healthy to maintain energy to do all the a fore mentioned things AND fit in time to exercise. Easy. Well, no it isn’t.

Unfortunately it’s easy to put some or everything in the too hard basket and leave it until tomorrow. But what if you found out there were not a hell of a lot more of those? Sounds harsh I know but if you delay getting healthy that may be the barrel you are looking down in the not too distant future.

Speaking to many different people every day there is one thing skinny people do much more than larger people. Their lives have a different focus. They have hobbies, interests and do things that do not revolve around food. In general they have a focus on things other than eating, going out for meals and cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice meal as much as the next person but everything in your life needs to be in moderation, and that includes eating. Why not take the kids to the park instead of out to lunch? What about venturing out on a beautiful coast walk with views to inspire with a friend you haven’t seen in a while? Whatever you choose make sure that it involves some form of activity even if its a slow walk on a long beach. There is something inspiring about moving the body. Somehow it seems to shake off those cobwebs that you can accumulate during the day and bring on a new perspective that you may not have thought was possible. Can you see how by combining things to do we can tick off the “to do” list much faster? Unfortunately I can’t take away all your commitments but I can guarantee that there is somewhere in your day where you can fit in some exercise.

Sometimes we tip the scales too far one way. Here am I writing this blog at 9.30 at night after a full day’s work instead of spending time with my lovely partner. This may be you sitting in front of a computer still working on a deadline due tomorrow and are sipping your fifth latte to get yourself through it. I get it. But can you imagine how much better able to deal with it you would be if you were fit/healthy/active?

I’m not here to turn preacher on you and TELL you all the things you should do.  One thing I will tell you is how much better I feel since making the commitment to myself to stay healthy. I train my first clients at 5am every day so I am up and in the gym doing push ups at 4.30am. Do you think I like doing push ups at 4.30? Hell no! But I’m in this for the long haul and after over 20 years training there are things I need to do and this is one of them. It becomes second nature and excuses don’t even enter into my way of thinking now. Eliminate try from your vocabulary. Replace it with do. Time management will become your best friend and you will be happier for it.Balance is important in boxing as well as life

















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