Anaerobic Training – Why it maybe right for You!


Anaerobic Training Give It A TryThere has been a lot or research into the benefits of different types of training recently, particularly cardiovascular training. The benefits of doing cardiovascular exercise are huge and some of these include improved health of your heart, your respiratory system, and your circulation or blood vessels of your whole body.

Cardiovascular training is generally done on a treadmill, bike or rower (or any other similar type machine in a gym) for 30-60mins where the pace is slow and the calorie expenditure is quite minimal. The latest research is now saying that explosive anaerobic training lasting for minimal time (say 60 seconds max) has the most benefits.

Explosive type training encourages the most change in the muscle fibres and improvement to the cardiovascular system and also increases the metabolic rate so you will actually burn more calories at rest. That is a win win situation as far as I am concerned! Less time slogging it out in the gym for better results. Anaerobic training is something we incorporate into virtually all our workouts whether the focus is on legs arms or in our boxing workouts. Throwing in 60 seconds a few times within the workout will not increase the length of your workout by much but the benefit to your body will be massive.

A few of my favourite ones are the versa climber sprint, rope pulling and band resisted sprinting. Each of these will cause some massive changes to your body.

Give it a try this week!

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