Now I don’t claim to be a nutritionist but with 20 years in the fitness industry I have picked up a few handy tips along the way. Here are my top 5 tips to beat hunger and overeating.

1. Eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables

I know this goes without saying really but a big factor for triggering hunger is what’s known as nutritional hunger. If you are not supplying your body with adequate fresh fruits and vegetable from a wide source to provide your body with the nutrients it needs it will in turn trigger hunger and increase your appetite for more food. By getting your daily dose of the good stuff this will help to curb those midnight cravings and help prevent weight gain. Also vegetables are very nutrient dense and less calorie dense than some other foods which will in turn keep you fuller for longer.

2. Eat smarter

As I always say there really is no such thing as a good snack. All the latest research points to constant grazing leading to an increase intake of calories as people overeat at these times. Instead of having a handful of nuts or a small bowl of berries people are consuming another full meal and blasting out there calorie intake for the day. Concentrate your food into three meals and if you need something to tide you over make sure its only a small amount of food, say a few nuts or a small bowl of blueberries.

3. Make sure you are getting enough good fats in your diet

Omega 3 fats are the Rolls Royce of fats. These fats are important in brain function and essential for good joint health. A good supplement is important as the levels of fish needed to get the amount we require to function is far more than we can actually eat. Another good source of omega 3′s is my good mate the sardine. These fish are a great source of omega 3 fat and calcium. Try and get these into your diet a few times a week.

4. Feast and famine

The quickest way I know to overeat is by starving your body all day and then eating the entire contents of your fridge while you are cooking dinner. The most successful slimmers are the ones who are organised and pre plan their days food intake. Having something available on hand will stop you either picking up take away for lunch at work or not eating at all. Why not prepare a big batch of soup on a Sunday night for the whole week at work, prepare your lunch the night before or get up earlier and make it in the morning. That way you will keep the metabolism fire burning.


It is a proven fact that watching cooking shows will trigger your appetite. They did a study on people watching cooking shows and found it can increase appetite up to 20%. Also by eating in front of the TV leads us to eat more as we become less mindful of what we are putting in our mouths. Turn off the TV and sit yourself at the table to eat dinner. This will lead to increased interactions within your family (if you have one) and will make you more aware of what you are putting in your mouth. Turn off the cooking shows and try an action movie, watching these have been shown to increase metabolism!

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